And the winners are…

The following teams won the prizes for the puzzle hunt:

  • Vinay Menon (Kindle)
  • Matthew Endres
  • Shishir Garg (iPod Nano)
  • Sophia Howard and Shaniyah Johnson

Congratulation to the winners!

Finally, thanks a lot to those of you who turned up and made the event a big success! Hope to see you all next year.

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If you’re driving to UB

If you’ll be driving to UB, you might want to look at the visitor page for more information.

In particular, this map show the relevant part of UB north campus. The map has not been updated so Davis hall is not marked. Davis hall is where building #37 (“Trailer Complex”) is currently marked in the map.

The entrance to Davis hall is on White road. The closest two parking lots are Furnas and Jarvis (roughly top middle of this map). If you park after 3pm, you can do so for free. If you plan to arrive before 3pm, please look at this link.

Once you arrive, please enter through the main entrance of Davis hall and walk to the lobby. There will be volunteers at the lobby desk.

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Puzzle hunt logistics

For the scavenger hunt, puzzles will be printed out and hidden throughout Davis Hall, giving participants a self-guided tour of the new building.

At each stop on the CS Ed Week puzzle hunt, participants will be given a spatial reasoning puzzle to solve. Successfully completing the puzzle produces a numeric code that unlocks the location of the next clue. (Participants will have to take their solved puzzle as well as the numeric code to a volunteer to get the next clue.) As the puzzle hunt continues, the puzzles become more and more difficult. Prize eligibility will be determined by how far participants proceed through the hunt. Prizes include two Ipod Nanos and two Amazon Kindles. Winner will be contacted after the event. There will also be some prizes handed out during check in (e.g. the first group to check in will win an early bird prize).

The scavenger hunt will be open from 4-7pm but we encourage participants to arrive no later than 6pm to give themselves time to solve all the puzzles.

Participants can solve the scavenger hunt in a group of size no more than four. Families are encouraged to participate as a team.

We encourage all participants to pre-register so that we can plan better for the event.

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UB Reporter article on the puzzle hunt

The CSEd week celebration appears in today’s Briefs section in UB Reporter.

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Registration link

If you are planning to participate in the scavenger hunt on Dec 8, it would help us if you pre-register yourself so that we can plan better.

Registration is free and simple: just fill out this simple form.

Shortly, we’ll put up a post with more details on the scavenger hunt itself.

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CSEd Week Celebration Announced

Computer Science Education Week (CSEd Week) is a celebration of the wonders of computing and the impact it has on our society.  It is held in honor of Grace Hopper (1906-1992), a pioneer in the field of computer science, in the week of her birthday.  This year CSEd Week runs from December 4 through December 10.

The Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University at Buffalo is hosting a CSEd Week event: a computing scavenger hunt! The hunt will take place in the department’s new home in the just opened Davis Hall. The event is open to the public; come to learn about the fields of computer science and computer engineering, careers in computing and the great employment outlook for computing graduates.

Join us on on Thursday, December 8, from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM, for fun, food and the chance to win some cool prizes (including an iPod Nano and a Kindle)!

The CSEd week celebration is sponsored by the CSE department and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

We will post more information on this blog. You can sign up to receive e-mail notification for every new post by clicking the button on the right. You can also contact Dr. Carl Alphonce via e-mail at alphonce “at”

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